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Testimonials  What Radiologists are saying

Ben Strong, MD

Chief Medical Officer, vRad
Tucson, AZ

rScriptor has delivered on all it’s prospective advantages. We have seen gains in productivity, improved reimbursement, and greater accuracy as a result of its use across our practice. The uniformity of our reporting draws frequent compliments (and expressions of awe and wonder) from our many client sites.

James Sloves, md

Reno, NV

rScriptor has been a tremendous asset for both report completeness, reading efficiency as well as billing . The software engineer and developer is a practicing radiologist who knows what is needed by radiologists, problems they need to overcome and he has responded promptly to my requests for tweaks or questions. I have no regrets and enthusiastically recommend it. My referring clinicians and billing company receive reports with more accurate and complete headers from me and my colleagues. The learning curve is quite short and shallow.

Samir Shah, MD

Pittsburg, PA

I am a tremendous fan of the rScriptor software. It has not only resulted in exceptional productivity gains for me personally, but I also see that the structure of my reports has improved their appearance and made them far more easily read by referring physicians. It is significantly easier to get through a large number of cases using this software and it has been a game changer for our teleradiologists who have found the software simple to use with little modification to their style required. Most importantly, I have noted that my quality has dramatically improved as I spend more time with my eyes on the images rather than editing reports.

Todd Lovelace, md

Portland, OR

Honestly I was probably one of the more skeptical users when we first implemented rScriptor. I much preferred my old technique of macros. The software has completely won me over though and I would say it's really impressive! rScriptor is absolutely a time saver for me now. Now that I have customized the findings sections to transcribe the negative findings the way I prefer, I can really focus on just dictating the positive findings, which improves my speed and efficiency. I can't imagine ever going back to dictating header information and countless negative findings over and over again, for report after report, day in and day out. Thank you rScriptor!

Delphia Clarke, md

Asheville, NC

I will not work without rScriptor. I honestly do not think I can read a CT Abdomen and Pelvis without it. I can focus on reading the film not making the report readable. I am so thankful for this software.