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Our radiology reporting software works with your existing dictation or word processing application to create a structured radiology report in a fraction of the time required to dictate a narrative-style report.  It checks for reporting errors (left/right, gender-specific, anatomy-specific), ensures report completeness and creates a final report that meets Medicare, MIPS, JAHCO and third party payor requirements.  rScriptor even provides the option to insert the appropriate CPT and/or ICD-10 codes into every report.


Our software works seamlessly with Powerscribe, Dragon, M-Modal, MS Word and other voice recognition/word processing applications to create thousands of different radiology reports.  Because reports are standardized, comparison between sequential exams is much easier and the likelihood of a miscommunication betwen radioloigist and referring physician is reduced.


Reports can be customized to meet the needs of individual hospitals, specialty practices or individual referring physicians without requiring the radiologist to change the content of their dictation.  Although the report content may differ between radiologists, the overall appearance of the reports will be similar.  This effectively "brands" your radiology practice as one that consistently produces very high quality radiology reports.


We recommend you try rScriptor with real cases on your own workstation.  To arrange for an rScriptor demonstration and free trial please contact us at sales@scriptorsoftware.com.



Efficient but Flexible

•Narrative Mode – The radiologist dictates only the Findings and Impression sections of the report in the format they prefer.  rScriptor then automatically inserts these sections into a formatted report based upon the type of exam being dictated.

•Structured Mode – rScriptor places each dictated finding into the proper location in a structured report.  If there is no finding dictated for a particular section, a default normal statement is inserted.  The findings and impression sections can be dictated simultaneously and in any order.  Radiologists using the Structured Mode can see up to a 30% gain in efficiency when compared with narrative-style dictation.


Report Standardization

  •Reports are standardized across the entire practice.

  •Clear, concise radiology reports increase referring physician satisfaction and reduce the chance of communication errors.

  •Promotes efficient and accurate comparison between sequential exams.

  •Allows for database integration and data mining of reports.


Customizable Reports

•Report formatting including the use of bold, underline, capitalization and double spacing can be customized for each hospital, clinic or physician.

•The radiologist does not change their dictation.  Formatting occurs automatically at the time the radiologist uses rScriptor to create the final report.




Error Reduction

•The entire report is checked for errors or omissions when the final report is created.  Error checks include:

       - Laterality errors.

       - Gender specific errors.

       - Missing information such as the use of contrast, ultrasound probe type or the presence of reconstructed images.

•The radiologist keeps their eyes on the images rather than continually switching their attention between the images and the dictation.  This reduces errors and minimizing fatigue.


Accurate Billing/Coding, MIPS compliant

•CPT codes and ICD-10 codes can be optionally inserted into the top of every report.

•Information required for correct coding (MIP, 3D, contrast information) is requested from the radiologist via a simple pop-up menu when missing from the order.

•Medicare, MIPS and third-party payer language is present by default in every report.