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About Us


Scriptor Software is a physician-owned software design firm that develops innovative software to assist radiologists in the efficient creation of high quality radiology reports.





rScriptor, our radiology reporting software, is used worldwide to create millions of structured or narrative-style radiology reports each year. It integrates with your existing voice recognition software to create high-quality radiology reports in a fraction of the time required when using voice recognition alone. This single program will create, validate, normalize and analyze radiology reports from all facilities served by a radiology practice.

Simply place rScriptor on your workstation, login and its ready for use. It comes pre-configured with hundreds of radiology report templates that can be customized by both the radiology practice and radiologists as needed. It also includes a detailed knowledge base which can be used to insert ACR incidental findings recommendations, lookup trauma grading scales, review US vascular tables and much more.

In short, rScriptor allows a radiologist to spend more time performing the job they were trained to do and less time as a transcriptionist. If you spend your days fighting with your voice recognition system and are tired of the myriad of documentation requirements in radiology, give rScriptor a try. You will find your days are more enjoyable and productive than ever before.



2019 Minnies Semifinalist - Best New Radiology Software


2018 Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers - HealthCare Tech Outlook Magazine




Brochure - Use this link to see a brief brochure on rScriptor.


Sample Reports - Review several sample radiology reports created with rScriptor.


Volume Analytics Report - Use this link to see a sample Volume Analytics report generated by rScriptor.


Quality Analytics Report - Use this link to see a sample Quality Analytics report generated by rScriptor.


Whitepaper - Please download our whitepaper describing the effects rScriptor has had on report quality and workflow at vRad over more than three years and 10 million radiology reports.